We Will Rise Up

Uncut Stones

Featured artists are: Will McFarlane, Aimee Reid-Sych, and Nathan Salter. This Christian Progressive Rock Band's album is a blending of sounds from celtic to hard rock. You will enjoy it if you like Lincoln Brewster or Gungor's style of music.

Uncut Stones is a WNY/Buffalo area Christian band with progressive rock influences. Their sound is similar to bands like Gungor and Lincoln Brewster where they combine rich vocal melodies with electric guitar anthems. It is the high energy instrumentation of the band and their stellar lead vocalist that set them apart. From influences of gospel to progressive rock and even a touch of Celtic music, Uncut Stones continues to push the boundaries of what a band can become. By blending multiple cultures of music into one sound, they have given us an entertaining musical experience. Their diverse style and stage presence has resulted in them performing in some of Buffalo's most popular night clubs. All while performing their original Christian music and cover songs they have done arrangements for. Uncut Stones has been impacting their audiences where ever they go.

"We Will Rise Up" is their first full length album, and is loaded full of songs that will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again. For their first album they have a list of great musicians who make guest appearances on the album. Just a few of the musicians on the album are Will McFarlane, Aimee Reid-Sych, and Nathan Salter.

The biggest guest on the album by far is Will McFarlane. He is a blues guitar legend and has shared the stage with just about every great blues player there is like: B.B.King and Buddy Guy among many others. Will gives us some beautiful guitar work on the song "Lay My Burden Down", which is a cover song of one of Will's songs from the album Axe To The Root.

Uncut Stones is: Dan Browning - Electric Guitar Melanie Browning - Lead Vocals Chris Deci - Acoustic Guitar Aaron Blackmon - Drums Aaron Greenwald - Bass

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