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A Little About The Band

Sit back and listen to this two piece band and singer morph into a full sized worship team right before your eyes! With the use of Midi Guitar, computer programs and looping pedals this Trio turns into an entire worship team and with no backing tracks, everything is played live. 

The heart of this trio is the husband and wife\ founders of Uncut Stones Dan and Melanie Browning. You can hear songs from their Christian Rock album with previous members of Uncut Stones. 

The album is called We Will Rise Up with featured artists like Will McFarlane, Nathan Salter, and Aimee Sych.

Since Covid 19 the band has been in limbo and decided to head in a new direction and move from Christian Rock music into Contemporary Style of Christian music. With just a few musicians they wanted tobe a band that could deliver a big sound, but with a smaller footprint on stage. It just took the right musicians to have it all come together.

When they decided to added all of the amazing talent from Nate Campese it was a natural fit, and things began to fall into place. Nate has been filling in on drums for a few years now, and it was a natural progression to have him officially join the band. 

Their music has been feature on WDCX during the Wednesday Worship segment with Neil Boron. They have played at Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake, and many churches throught the WNY area. An interesting note is that Dan co wrote a Song with Debbie Miller who had a movie written about her life. That same song was used in the movie along with other tracks Dan wrote himself in the movie call Through A Mother’s Eyes.

Here are what others are saying about them. 

“"If ever (and rarely) a band is found that can be so concise, clear, poetic, and potent that the spirit itself is moved; attention need be demanded. Uncut Stones display a musical maturity, respect, talent level, and professionalism that is rarely found and every available room needs to be made aware." -”

-Joe Benedict, Gorilla Music Production/Management

"It is awesome when you find Christian musicians who are able to captivate both Christian and non-Christian audiences when they play. Uncut Stones is one of those bands! ..." 
-Sean Brennan, Director of TCT Network 





Their first full length CD "We Will Rise Up" is available now.