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"If ever (and rarely) a band is found that can be so concise, clear, poetic, and potent that the spirit itself is moved; attention need be demanded. Uncut Stones display a musical maturity, respect, talent level, and professionalism that is rarely found and every available room needs to be made aware." 

- Joe Benedict, Gorilla Music Production/Management



Why does Uncut Stones do what they do? Who does drum, bass, or guitar solos anymore in their sets? Well... they do, and they don't hold back when they do them.

Uncut Stones takes the stage with authority and the audiences get to sit back and enjoy the ride. It is rare that you find a band that has not been together very long, and have this much chemistry with each other. Just give a listen to their album. They recently released a full length album 'We Will Rise Up' featuring Will McFarlane on the song Lay My Burden Down is a show favorite. You may remember Will McFarlane from when he played rhythm guitar for Bonnie Raitt. 

Uncut Stones is a Progressive Christian Rock Band with a sound similar to Lincoln Brewster and Gungor. They are from the Buffalo N.Y. area. The band was formed because Dan had written some songs and wanted to record them in the studio. Dan and Melanie are husband and wife, and have been leading worship at churches all over Western N.Y. Aaron Blackmon and Dan were both musicians playing for Nathan Salter in his gospel group, and they have been together in the band since the inception of it. Aaron Greenwald was the last to join the group after Dan heard him playing on a Sunday morning. It wasn't till a year later that Aaron Greenwald would join them, but once he did the band was solid. There were a few other members that would come and go, but the core four band members are still here. 

What makes Uncut Stones special is their mission to help those who feel that they are no longer useful to the kingdom of God, and then help the find their purpose. The band name comes from Deuteronomy 27:6. Their belief is that God has a purpose for everyone, and that God can use us even if we are not as perfect as we think we need to be. God uses us where ever we are in our walk with Him. Because of that, every time they take the stage they pour every ounce of energy they have onto the stage. What you get is something real, something we haven't seen in a while. It's a band offering themselves and what they do as an altar for God to use in any way He wishes. You haven't heard them until you have seen them play. It is just them giving everything they have on stage.  





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Uncut Stones - We Will Rise Up 

Is now available for download!

This is the band's first official full album studio release. The album features guest musicians; Will McFarlane, Aimee Reid-Sych, and Nathan Salter. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alan Dusel from Starfields Productions.    



Will McFarlane




Uncut Stones is:

Dan Browning - Electric Guitar
Melanie Browning - Lead Vocals
Aaron Blackmon - Drums
Aaron Greenwald - Bass 



Like with any great powerhouse you need a strong foundation. AKA the Aaron's. With Aaron Blackmon on drums and Aaron Greenwald on bass you have a rhythm section of all rhythm sections. On drums he is known as the human metronome and when Aaron (Greenwald) attacks the stage with his seven stringed bass (AKA The Stump), it makes you wonder if he started out as a guitarist first. Uncut Stones does not stop there. They top the entire band off with the husband and wife team of Dan and Melanie Browning. Dan's guitar style of blues and classic rock give the band it's heart and soul. Perhaps that is why people have called him "Holy Hendrix" on guitar. Last but not least is the queen jewel of the band Melanie Browning, who is known to her friends as Mel. She brings a new and refreshing voice to the Christian music world with her Janice Joplin style vocals that are both soaring and angelic. 





Where they have been featured:

Uncut Stones was featured on Tom Jackson's onstage success website as a spotlight band this last November.

Uncut Stones has recently performed on the TCT Celebrate TV program with songs from their album. They have recently did a Christmas special with TCT this last year - 2016.

The band has a strong tie with the local community by serving in their local churches and playing in events to help support local events.






What do people have to say about them?

"It is awesome when you find Christian musicians who are able to captivate both Christian and non-Christian audiences when they play. Uncut Stones is one of those bands! WNYB had a recording session with Uncut Stones and they were very professional and easy to work with. They are as humble and professional as they come on and off the stage."

- Sean Brennan, Manager of TCT Network


"Uncut Stones is an incredible group of talented, passionate, worshipers leading others into the presence of God. Uncut Stones has been a faithful member and partner in the prayer Collectives work of organizing prayer around WNY" 

- Kyle Patterson, Director of Development at Buffalo City Mission and CEO & Founder at THRiVE! Media Group


"Uncut Stones are much more than a group of outstanding musicians, offstage they prove they are real Christians by showing Love, kindness and they inspire everyone they meet. Great to see people practice what they preach." 

 - Richie Derwald, Producer at Viva Niagara Productions




Contact Information:

The band is located in the WNY Area in Buffalo N.Y.

email: info@Uncut-Stones.com or Admin@Uncut-Stones.com