Uncut Stones



You Are - FULL

Uncut Stones
Daniel Browning


You Are

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Browning

Verse 1:

I long for your presence, like the desert waits for rain

I wait for your spirit, on my knees I call your name


It’s in you that I find rest, every moment of every day

In the shadow of your wings is the place that I can sing


You are holy, you are faithful

You rescue me when I fall to my knees

You are mighty, you are righteous

You’re the ancient of days, I will give all my praise to you

Verse 2: 

I’m here in this moment, you are changing who I am

Take out this old heart, for one that’s never sinned


I’m aiming for your heart

With the arrows of my faith

I am running after you

Till I see you face to face