Uncut Stones



Let It Be Me - Clip

Uncut Stones
Daniel Browning


Let It Be Me

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Browning

Verse 1:

Who would slay Goliath if David wasn’t there

Who would lead your people if Moses didn’t care

What if Mary said, she wouldn’t be the one

What if Peter never ever followed the son


Let it be me, who rises when you call

Let it be me, I will praise you even more

Let it be me, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Let it be me, yeah, yeah, yeah

Post Chorus:

I’m standing on this mountain, crying out your name

Singing to my savior, singing to my King

Let it be me

Verse 2:

Would you touch his garment looking to be healed

Would you stand for Jesus if a stranger was near

When the offering’s passed do you pass it right on by

Or do you dig down deep, yeah, deep inside