Uncut Stones



I Am Free - FULL

Uncut Stones
Daniel Browning


I Am Free

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Browning

Verse 1:

I walk to the cross, and I lay down my life

I leave all my burdens and my yoke becomes light

As my nights become day, I can see a new light

Though once I was blind, now I have sight


I am free, in this life I have found

I am free, in this joy that abounds

I am free, when I come to the cross

You paid the price as a sacrifice

I am no longer lost

Verse 2:

Why are we standing, we should all be on our knees

The one who created all things is standing here with me

As this day comes to an end, I know that I have gave my life

To the one who created all things, 

The one who rules my life