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  • 03/06/2015
    Bible Fellowship Church - Hamburg, NY
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    Ransomeville Methodist - Ransomeville, New York

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Uncut Stones Gorilla GiveAway! 

No we are NOT giving away a gorilla, but we do have some great prizes to give you! We are putting all our efforts into becoming one of the top ranking bands in the online voting contest to be able to win the Once In A Life Time Tour package from Gorilla Music. Sadly we are failing miserably, but you can help us turn it around! There are two weeks left and we want to be in the top ten bands on the Gorilla Music Contest. We have a long way to get there, but if you give us just a little bit of your time we will give you some free prizes! Everyone who votes for us will receive a digital download of our song -It's Time. We have not released the song to the public yet. That means you will get this song before anyone else does! Here are the bonus giveaway prizes we are giving as a drawing to everyone that votes:

Prize #1.  If we reach 100-199 votes we will give a digital copy of our unreleased CD due out this spring and one Uncut Stones T-Shirt to a lucky winner in a random drawing. We will give this same package out at each 100 votes that we get up to 1000 votes.


Prize #2. If we reach 1000 votes then you guys are by far the most amazing people we know! To celebrate that fact we will give an acoustic concert in the winners home for free and an Autographed CD from the band of our to be released CD later this coming spring.


Eligible contestants and rules are as follows:

Everyone that has signed up on our Back Stage Pass and has voted at least once for the Once In A Lifetime Contest will be eligible to win. Once you vote for the band send an email to with the Heading "I Voted!". We will use this email address to contact you if you won and to send you your free download of our song It's Time. We will list the winners on our website, Facebook, and twitter accounts. Good luck and thank you for voting for us!



Prize #1 - **Only one digital downloadable CD and T-Shirt per 100 votes. All names will be entered into a drawing after each set of 100 votes are reached and one name will be pulled at random as the winner. All names will be re entered for each drawing. CD to be given out once the recording project is finished and will not be available till later this coming spring. If the CD is not finished and we are unable to deliver the completed CD by spring. We will give the winner our live CD from the Tralf music hall as the CD in the Contest giveaway.**

Prize #2 - ** one name will be pulled randomly from the list of eligible contestants as the winner. CD will be given once the recording project is finished and may not be presented at the time of the free concert. If the CD is not finished and we are unable to deliver the completed CD by spring. We will give the winner of the giveaway our live CD from the Tralf music hall as the CD in the contest giveaway. Traveling expenses are not included with the free concert if the winner's home is outside of the Buffalo N.Y. area. **


How To Vote:

Just a few easy steps to vote on Gorilla Music's website.

Go to

or click our Uncut Stones Gorilla Giveaway banner

Click on the Once In A Lifetime Contest banner on Gorilla Music's website.

Uncut Stones is listed on the bottom of the first page, but this may change as the votes increase. Click the vote button below our name and you will be asked to create a login. Once you create a login and password you will again have to locate us on the second page and then be able to vote for us! You can only vote once every 24 hours. So if you vote on a Friday at 5:00pm you would not be able to vote for us again till 5:00pm on Saturday. Please vote for us as often as you can as the more votes we have the better our chances of winning the contest. Many of our friends and fans can't give us $5000 dollars to help us in our music ministry, but if you give us just a little bit of your time each day we can move closer to achieving that goal. Thank you so much for your support!



Here Is what our band will get if we win the Gorilla Music Presents, “The Once In A Lifetime Contest!”

THE ONCE IN A LIFETIME TOUR is a national concert event series presented by Gorilla Music where one lucky band will win $5,000 cash, one year of management, and a chance to enter the studio with DAN CULL, the President of GORILLA MUSIC to write, produce and record a song together.

Bands that have proven themselves on a Once in a Lifetime tour date will be entered into our online voting system. Voting starts December 1st. The top ranking bands in the online voting contest will then be interviewed by Dan and the Gorilla Music Management team. One lucky band will be chosen as the winner from these finalists by Grammy Award Winning & Oscar Nominated Record Executive, Amir Windom, as the winner.


Here are a few things people have to say about us:  

"If ever (and rarely) a band is found that can be so concise, clear, poetic, and potent that the spirit itself is moved; attention need be demanded. Uncut Stones display a musical maturity, respect, talent level, and professionalism that is rarely found and every available room needs to be made aware." - Joe Benedict, Gorilla Music Production/Management

"Uncut Stones is an incredible group of talented, passionate, worshipers leading others into the presence of God. Uncut Stones has been a faithful member and partner in the prayer Collectives work of organizing prayer around WNY" - Kyle Patterson, Director of Development at Buffalo City Mission and CEO & Founder at THRiVE! Media Group

"Uncut Stones are much more than a group of outstanding musicians, offstage they prove they are real Christians by showing Love, kindness and they inspire everyone they meet. Great to see people practice what they preach."  - Richie Derwald, Producer at Viva Niagara Productions




After recording a few of our originals and getting a great response, we decided to record all of our songs in a pro studio. We started recording near the end of November which will mark the beginning of our recording process.... again. Thank you to everyone who is supporting what we love to do, and that's to make great music! We have some great stuff for you to check out until the album gets here. One of the best things to get right now is our Back Stage Pass and it is free. You can get it on the top left of any page on our website. Also we just played at The Tralf, and we were able to record the entire live set. We have a few of the songs up on our music player right now, and video of that night is available right here on our website and to all our Back Stage Pass Subscribers we will be getting you a free download of a few of the songs very soon.

The Back Stage Pass gets you-  Free music, pics, the band news letter, and so much more! If you join the Back Stage Pass today, you get our single- Faithful To Me as a free download!


Our song Faithful To Me placed in the top 20 songs of 2013 on, and is the title track for our album that we are in the studio recording. 


Here are a few pics from Starfields Recording Studio.



What The Band Is Doing Now:
Playing at the Tralf in Buffalo:
We had a great time at the Tralf on October 5th. We got to hang out with Joe from Gorilla Music and some great bands that were playing the show. We look forward to seeing all of our fans that have been so supportive of our music at our next show. 
Worship Workshops:
Currently Uncut Stones is working with a worship team in River Rock. We are working with the church's worship team to help them be better worshipers and worship leaders. We are providing workshops for guitar, voice, bass, and drums. In addition to the workshops we are teaching a separate group guitar lesson/class to further their learning skills on guitar. 
Leading Worship:
Uncut Stones leads worship services in the Buffalo region to help out churches in need of a worship team or worship leader. Contact us at if you need help with your worship team.
Buffalo City Mission:
Uncut Stones is helping to raise money for the Buffalo City Mission. Through concerts, events, and on our website we are raising money to give to the Buffalo City Mission.
Join with us and donate to support the Buffalo City Mission!