Uncut Stones Is - Christian Music For The Non Christian



Our Mission:

To provide skilled musicianship for Worship and Christian entertainment based events. 

To bridge the gap for unsaved people to be able to experience God without being over whelmed by Christian themes and doctrine. 

To make people aware of the hardships others are enduring in this world and help find a solution.








We Stand With Our Local City Missions:

More than ever we need your support for our local city missions, both Buffalo and Niagara Falls. With as little as $1.98 you can feed a person, and help change their life. More than just food and clothing, the city missions provide shelter, rehab clinics, and job placement. In addition to many other things that are needed for daily life. Please consider donating even if it is just a small amount. Every little bit will help in a big way.

Join with us and donate to support the Buffalo City Mission!



Starfields Recording Studio:

Here are a few pictures of us in the studio. It is now March and we are hitting the studio every week trying to get the vocals done and all the finishing touches to the album. This has been Dan's life work to have his music on a quality CD and we are happy that it is about to be completed. We are really looking forward to finishing our full length album this spring! Stay in touch with updates and we will have some more pictures from the studio. -Uncut Stones